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Ghosts–> Exists or Not???

Ghosts –> Truth or Scare???Ghosts –> Exists or Not???

Ghosts –> Do you Believe it or Not??

Friends!!! There are some unsolved questions which is always a mystery..

I do have a feeling that ghost is just a fear factor or some rubbish.. But that is not a sufficient answer as the mystery is still a secret.. Look at this pic below it shows an image of a ghost..


I just would like to tell you a short story which my friend experienced in his childhood…

My friend when he was 10 years went in a car which was driven by his uncle.. It was late night.. Suddenly one lady came in front of the car and stopped it.. she kindly requested my friend’s uncle to give lift.. He too asked her to get into the car and continued his journey.. There came a shock to him.. He saw the mirror that was available in the car.. He was shocked.. He saw a scary faced lady with big teeth.. He suddenly stopped the car and took out his slippers and made her run.. The interesting fact is the ghost sat near my friend in the back seat of the car but he was not able to identify.. Only the mirror showed the real identity of the ghost.. Thank god They reached home safely..

It’s true guys.. My friend experienced it.. so The mystery behind ghosts still continues….

I have also heard many others saying their real life experiences with ghost.. How can we neglect all those…Puzzle remains unsolved..

What is your opinion??? Does ghosts exist or not??? Send your comments about this topic…

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  1. Fake

    Comment by Kája | November 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. I think they exist p.s. Check out my blog if you like to play club penguin:

    Comment by JrPacMan | November 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. o.m.g in my school ther iz blade mare

    Comment by hadnet | March 7, 2010 | Reply

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