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The system consists of two ZigBee nodes with each node can be controlled by an intelligent Embedded microcontroller. An 8-bit RISC microcontroller PIC 18LF4620 is used as the central core of the project. The embedded microcontroller is programmed to read the meter reading (number of rotations of the disc as per the energy consumption) by using the sensing circuit.

The ZigBee is an RF module is connected with the base-board through the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus. Here we use Chipcon CC2420 ZigBee transceiver for sending the reading information to the central database. The required accessories are connected with these modules for building the application.

Here one ZigBee transceiver Act as a RFD, which collects the data from meter. Another one ZigBee act as a Coordinator, which receives the data from the RFD devices through wireless. Here PC can be used an optional device for providing recording & analysis of data collected from the RFD devices. More RFD nodes can be connected through this network to establish a complete network.

The central coordination unit is connected to the PC using the RS 232 9 pin connector which serially transmits data to and from the Kit and the PC. This central system is used to maintain the information about the End systems connected to the system. The Embedded controller is connected to the PC and this embedded controller is connected to the Zigbee system which operates at 3.3v. The Zigbee wirelessly transmits information to the embedded controller.

The end system is connected wirelessly to the central unit and also has the blocks similar to the Central unit.

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