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Is it India VS Pakistan???


My dear friends–> The purpose of this post is to hope for a good relationship between India and pakistan forever.


The two big countries must always try to sort out issues by peace talk.. The two countries must co-operate with each other in sorting out the issues.
Indo-pak issues are always thrilling and exciting

Indo-pak clash leaves one nation shattered and the other rejoicing. The tension is evident before and during the clash.

A debate has started both in Pakistan and India, over the kind of relationship the two countries should evolve, after long decades of hate-hate relationship. Focusing on the Joint Press Statement and understanding reached at Islamabad, the debate is confined to the prospects of the resolution of the Kashmir question, without in fact allowing a greater room for reflection on how and what.
The composite dialogue process between India and Pakistan  should be viewed in this broader perspective, rather than skewed down to partial preferences of the two sides. A new perspective, a new environment and a new logic are needed to inform the interlocutors. The ideologies of adversity and diplomacy of stalemate will have to be abandoned in favour of understanding, flexibility and accommodation. Those who do not understand it will learn it on their own peril after the loss of this opportunity. The crux of the matter is that there cannot be a new beginning for the Kashmiris without a good beginning between India and Pakistan, and there cannot be any beginning for South Asia without a friendly relationship between the twin-brothers of subcontinent.

Both India and Pakistan must work together to kill terrorism to the core. WE want PEACE.Guys post your comments about this hot topic..

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