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Life on MARS???

Scientists have convinced that Water existed on Mars, atleast in it’s history. So considering the fact that water acts as the only source for many lives, provokes us with a thought..

Whether life existed on Mars???


Can life exist on Mars???


Lets move deep into this topic and explore

What is less known is how much water occupied the red planet and what happened to it during its geological march to the present. Mostly, evidence has pointed to a period when clay-rich minerals were formed by water, followed by a drier time, when salt-rich, acidic water affected much of the planet. Assuming that happened, the thinking goes, it would have been difficult for life, if it did exist, to have survived and for scientists to find traces of it.

Now a research team has provided a evidence for the presence of carbonates on Mars that shows that Mars could have been the home for watery environments in the past. The red planet close to the earth is neither too hot nor too cold. At the same time it is not too acidic. So it’s just the right place.

Finding carbonates indicates that Mars had neutral to alkaline waters when the minerals formed in the mid-latitude region more than 3.6 billion years ago. Carbonates dissolve quickly in acid, therefore their survival challenges suggest that an exclusively acidic environment later cloaked the planet.This could open up a range of environment on Mars.

So the researchers say that the presence of carbonate mineral bolsters chances of environment on Mars.

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Helium Rains in SATURN and JUPITER!!!

Hydrogen and helium are the two lightest and most common elements in the universe. Because of their ubiquitous nature, they are critical in cosmological nucleosynthesis and are essential elements of stars and giant planets. Hydrogen by itself in the observable universe provides clues to the origin and large-scale structures of galaxies.

However, scientists have struggled to determine what conditions are needed for the two elements to mix.

The simulation results are consistent with the idea that a large portion of the interior of Saturn has conditions such that hydrogen and helium phase separate. “This can account for the apparent discrepancy between the current evolutionary models for Saturn and observational data.”

In addition to being made mostly of hydrogen and helium, a characteristic of Jovian planets is that they radiate more energy than they take in from the sun. Various models of their evolution and structure have been developed to describe a relation between the age, volume and mass of the planet and its luminosity.

While this model works for Jupiter by modeling the energy radiation left over from its formation 4.55 billion years ago, it doesn’t exactly work for Saturn. Instead, the model seriously underestimates the current luminosity of Saturn.


So the researchers decided to try something different. They determined where helium and hydrogen mix as well as at what temperature they don’t mix.

It turned out the temperature where the two elements don’t mix is high enough that helium is “partially mixable over a significant fraction of the interior of the Jovian planets with the corresponding region of Saturn being larger than in Jupiter. “This, in fact, could change the current interior models of Saturn and Jupiter.”

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Is Dwarf Planet ERIS larger than Pluto???

Eris larger than pluto

The detection of ERIS provoked debate about Pluto’s classification as a planet. Eris is slightly larger than Pluto.

So if Pluto qualified as a full-fledged planet, then Eris certainly should too. Astronomers attending the International Astronomical Union meeting in 2006 worked to settle this dilemma. In the end, we lost a planet rather than gaining one. Pluto was demoted and reclassified as a dwarf planet along with Eris and the asteroid Ceres, the most massive member of the asteroid belt.

Adding insult to injury for the former ninth planet, Brown has now determined that Eris is also more massive than Pluto. This new detail was determined by observations of Eris’ tiny moon Dysnomia. The Hubble Space Telescope and Keck Observatory took images of the moon’s movement, from which Brown precisely calculated Eris to be 27 percent more massive than Pluto. In fact, if you scooped up all the asteroids in the asteroid belt they would fit inside Eris, with a lot of room to spare.

Currently, Eris is more than three times farther from the Sun than Pluto. It is so cold out there that the dwarf planet’s atmosphere has frozen onto the surface as a frosty glaze. The coating gleams brightly, reflecting as much sunlight as fresh fallen snow. The path Eris takes around the Sun is shaped like an oval rather than a circle. In about 290 years, Eris will move close enough to the Sun to partially thaw. Its icy veneer will melt away revealing a rocky, speckled landscape similar to Pluto’s.

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Harvest Festival PONGAL 2009!!!

Pongal is a harvest festival, a thanks giving event celebrated by all tamilians across the world. Pongal in tamil means “Boiling over or Spill over”. Pongal is a harvest festival to denote the prosperity associated with the harvest by thanking the rain, sun and farm animals that had contributed for a good harvest.

The Festival originated in Tamil Nadu and popularly known as “Tamizhar Thirunal”. The festival is celebrated for four days to provide sincere thanks and prosperity that the farmers and his work which payed us..

First day –> Jan 13 –> Bhogi

Bhogi is the first day of this harvest festival which is celebrated by throwing away and destroying old materials on fire thereby marking the end of the old and the emergence of the new.

Second day –> Jan 14 –> Pongal

The second Pongal is the main day of the festival. It is celebreated by boiling rice with fresh milk and jaggery in new pots that are later topped with cashew nuts and sugar and allowing it to boil over the pot in the early morning. The moment the rice boils out of the pot, the tradition is to shout “Pongaloo pongal”. Sugar cane is bought and placed in every houses to symbolise the celebration of this great festival in Tamil Nadu.

Third day –> Jan 15 –> Maattu Pongal

The third day of the festival is known as “Maatu pongal” which is a occasion for offering thanks to cattle for their help to farmers in the field of Agriculture. On this cattle are well decorated with paint, flowers and bells and are allowed to roam. The cattle are then well fed with sweet rice and sugarcane.

Fourth day –> Jan 16 –> Kaaanum Pongal

The final day “Kaanum pongal” is to thank the relatives and friends for their support. During this day people visit their friends and relatives to enjoy the pongal season.People flock together at beaches , parks and temples there by having a great day out.

This four day Harvest Festival is to honor the farmers for their hard work.. May god bless them.. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Pongal..

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Modern Laws!!!

Here is a list of modern laws that Newton missed out….

Law of Queue:

“If you change the queues, the one you have left will start to move faster than the one you are in now.

Law of Telephone:

“When you dial a wrong number you will never get an engaged one”

Law of Mechanic:

“After your hands get coated with grease your nose will begin to itch”

Law of Result:

“When you want to prove someone that the system works, it won’t work”

Law of Encounters:

“The probability of meeting some one you know increases when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with”

Law of Coffee:

“As soon as you sit down for a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do some work which will last until the coffee becomes cold”

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New Project for THALA!!!


Ajith Kumar is an Indian film actor and car racer, who has acted in many Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies.Ajith Kumar made his acting debut in his only Telugu language film-to-date Prema Pustagam in 1992, Prema Pustagam which was followed by a Tamil film Amaravathi in which he acted his first lead role. After acting in a series of smaller budget films, Ajith was later recognized for his performance as an anonymous lover in the award-winning movie kadhal Kottai. He went on to demonstrate his versatility as an actor by portraying a variety of unique characters.

Latest Project !!!

Film Name –> “Vishwaroobam”

Director –> “K.S.Ravikumar”

Music Director–> “A.R.Rehmann”

Productions–> “A.V.M”

Special Aspect–> “6 Different Roles Played by THALA”

Landmark–> “Ajith’s 50th film”

Heroine–> “Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone”

Main Character–>”Blind Man”

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Fun Corner–> Before and After Marriage????

marriageBefore Marriage!!!

He: Yes. Atlast it was so hard to wait.

She: Do you want me to leave?

He: NO! Don’t even think about it.

She: Do you love me?

He: Of course! Over and over!

She: Have you ever cheated on me?

He: NO! Why are you even asking?

She: Will you kiss me?

He: Every chance I get!

She: Will you hit me?

He: Are you crazy! I’m not that kind of person!

She: Can I trust you?

He: Yes.

She: Darling!

After Marriage !!!…

Simply read from bottom to top…

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Quote for the day!!!


If you Love someone,
set her free…
If she comes back , she’s yours
If she doesn’t she never was…

New Versions of the above quote is:


“If you Love someone

set her free..

If she comes back, She’s yours

If she doesn’t , as expected, she never was”


“If you love someone

set her free…

Don’t worry, She will come back”


“If you love someone

set her free…

If she ever comes back, ask her why?”


“If you love someone

set her free….

If she comes back and

if you still love her,

set her free again…Repeat”

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New Revolution–>”X-GANG”

From Back Benchers to Striking Sparks!!!

This “X-Gang” has been formed on Dec12 2004 by The “Backbenchers” of warriors who once rocked the Panimalar Confinement. This gang has been found by me and my friends during our college life…The “X-GANG” members belong to ECE department of our college.

It’s interesting that we named “X-GANG”. Everyone in our college know about our gang and as a symbol of unity, we the X-GANG members, decided to design a logo for our gang and wore the T-shirt with that Logo during our Farewell day in Feb. 2008…

Motto of “OUR X-GANG”:

  • To Eliminate injustice
  • To promote peace
  • To fight against terrorism
  • To promote public welfare
  • To understand life and live it simple

See the X-Gang Pic:

Frnz.. I’m really Happy to share some info about X-GANG with you all!!!
This is “X-GANG” wishing you “ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE” and “MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!” Love you all friends…. Cheers!!!

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Golden Lines!!!

I would like to state it as simple as this…

“Don’t Love the Cheat-able Person


Don’t Cheat the Lovable Person”

It’s true..

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