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Great Red Spot on JUPITER!!!

Fifth Planet from the sun???

Closest to Mars???

Largest planet within the Solar System???

Fourth Largest Object in the Sky???


Of course it’s JUPITER… Great Red Spot.. What is it??? Exploration Starts…

Scientists recently noticed a GREAT RED SPOT on JUPITER which is a persistent anticyclonic storm on the planet that lasted atleast 300 years.

The Red Spot is huge as the storm is large enough to be visible through earth based telescopes. The red spot is large enough to contain TWO or THREE PLANETS of EARTH’s SIZE.

Jupiter also has white ovals and brown ovals, which are lesser unnamed storms. White ovals tend to consist of relatively cool clouds within the upper atmosphere. Brown ovals are warmer and located within the “normal cloud layer“. Such storms can last hours or centuries.. Thus storm created big spot on the largest planet of our solar system.

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