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No God or Know God???

Many living in this universe consider “GOD”(good power with positive stroke of vibrations) as the super power that controls the world. But the question here is Whether god exist?


Analyzing this topic in depth.. No one in the world has hardly seen god. But it cannot be concluded as that god does not exist and it is a pure imagination of our ancestors.

Everyone knows what is hot and what is cold? But according to scientific theory heat exists in different forms that may be little heat, super heat, mega heat, more heat, no heat but there is nothing called as cold. Simply to denote the absence of heat we say it as cold. This theory makes us think whether god is just an imagination like cold?

Everyone knows what is brightness and darkness? We can just increase or decrease the brightness. To denote the absence of brightness we say it as darkness. There is nothing as such called darkness. If so we could make darkness even darker. But we can’t make darkness even darker. This theory also makes us think whether god is just an imagination like darkness?

Everyone born in this world has some GURU in the form of Parents, Lecturers, Professors, Friends, Relatives etc. whom we obey and follow. But hardly we have seen , smelt their brains, yet we still believe them and follow their suggestions with or without our conscience. That symbolizes the Faith we have on them considering the fact that they will drive us to the right path.

That’s it.. We have arrived to a conclusion considering all these aspects into account. God is a super power. FAITH links man to god. FAITH propels us forward and keep the universe rolling.. I do strongly believe in god hoping that he showers blessings for success on all of us..

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