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Contradictory Proverbs!!!

1. The pen is mightier than sword


Action speaks louder than words!

2. Wise man think alike


Fools seldom differ!

3. Slow and steady wins the race


Time and Tide wait for no man!

4. Look before you leap


Strike while the iron is hot!

5. Do it well or not at all


Half a loof is better than none!

6. Doubt is the beginning of wisdom


Faith will move mountains!

7. Practice makes a man perfect


All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

8. Silence is golden


The squeaky wheel makes the grease!

9. Too many cooks spoil the broth


Many hands make light work!

10. Hold fast to the words of your ancestors


Wise men make proverbs but fools repeat them!!!

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Ancient Footprints reveals earliest signs of modern feet

footprintAncient footprints discovered in northern Kenya are believed to be the oldest sign that early humans had feet like ours.The footprints were found in two sedimentary layers, 1.5 million years old, near Ileret in the eastern African nation.

“These rarest of impressions yielded information about soft tissue form and structure not normally accessible in fossilized bones. The Ileret footprints constitute the oldest evidence of an essentially modern human-like foot anatomy,” according to a team of anthropologists who detailed the discovery in the February 27 issue of the journal Science.

According to the authors of the journal article, there were three footprint trails in the upper sediment layer. Five meters deeper, another sediment surface preserved one trail of two prints and a single, smaller print, likely from a child.

“In these specimens, the big toe is parallel to the other toes, unlike that of apes where it is separated in a grasping configuration useful in the trees. The footprints show a pronounced human-like arch and short toes, typically associated with an upright bipedal stance,” the scientists said. The size, spacing and depth of the impressions were the basis of estimates of weight, stride and gait, all found to be within the range of modern humans.

The size and other characteristics of the prints led the authors to conclude the prints belonged to the hominid Homo ergaster, or early Homo erectus. This is the first hominid to have had the same body proportions with longer legs and shorter arms called as modern Homo sapiens.

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Is Split Personality a Reality?

split1I am sure that everyone living in this world is aware of this term Split Personality. But my question is this split personality just a myth or a reality? I was really curious to know more about the cause and effect of this split personality. Yesterday I had a deep discussion with my friend’s uncle who is a pshycatrist in order to know about this issue in depth.

The discusion started. He explained me that this is a Mental Disorder which can defined as a Dissociative Identity Disorder in which a single person exhibit  multiple distinct identities or personalities each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.  This state of mental disorder can also be called as Multiple Personality Disorder.

He also explained me the statistics which revealed that Possible cases of split personality have been reported in the medical literature since the early 19th century, and the condition was formally defined in the first years of the 20th.

Then the discussion went more deep. I asked him about the causes for it. He told that the causes of dissociative identity disorder have not been identified, but are theoretically linked with the interaction of overwhelming stress,  insufficient childhood nurturing, and an innate ability to dissociate memories or experiences from consciousness.

Then i was curious to know how will that individual who is affected by the mental disorder will feel and also about the symptoms. He replied that the individual affected by this disease will suffer from Head ache, Body pain, Depression, Amnesia etc. The individual will lose his memory from time to time and his behaviour and attitude will reflect those of other persons but at that time he will be totally unaware of what is happening around him. I feel that this state is possibly the worst part.

He also added that such an individual must be free of stress and must have peace of mind. Also he must undergo pshycotherapy for treatment. It is better to treat at the early stage of this mind disorder. If not it will take some time to enable him to get rid of this disorder.

I thanked him for helping me to know more about split personality.Thus the discussion came to an end. The clock ticked 10 pm and we dispersed from the coffee shop. I feel that this is really a strange disease related to mind which is dangerous. Thinking about that i made my way to house.

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Quote for the day!!!


If you Love someone,
set her free…
If she comes back , she’s yours
If she doesn’t she never was…

New Versions of the above quote is:


“If you Love someone

set her free..

If she comes back, She’s yours

If she doesn’t , as expected, she never was”


“If you love someone

set her free…

Don’t worry, She will come back”


“If you love someone

set her free…

If she ever comes back, ask her why?”


“If you love someone

set her free….

If she comes back and

if you still love her,

set her free again…Repeat”

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Golden Lines!!!

I would like to state it as simple as this…

“Don’t Love the Cheat-able Person


Don’t Cheat the Lovable Person”

It’s true..

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December- Thought for the Month!!!

My thought for this month is about life.. Just stating the two aspects of life in simple terms.. Here we go…

“If we become

Too Sentimental

It is too hard

To Lead Life..


If we become

Too Practical

It is too hard

To Respect Relations…


Maintain a Balance….”

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No Girls!!!

Just imagine a life without girls.. Here we go!!!


The Result

Market’s silent!!!

Streets empty!!!

Police at rest!!!

All mobile companies in loss!!!

No SMS!!!

No Flowers!!!

No Valentine!!!

No candles!!!

No Perfumes!!!

All men to Heaven!!!

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November – Thought for the Month!!!

My thought for this month is about life… I would like to make it simple and straight…

“Everything is Pre-written (Fate)


Nothing can be Re-Written


Live the Best


Leave the rest”

My wishes to all my visitors.. cool!!!

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Life Opener!!!

I would love to share with you all the most provoking words which inspired me the most…

1. “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up”

2.”Never expect something for nothing”

3.”If you rest, you rust”

4.”Challenges that are not accepted are opportunities missed in life”

5.”A man is not poor if he can still laugh”

6.”Lay a firm foundation with bricks that others throw at you”

7.”Liberty is not a gold leaf to be wrapped up but is to be enjoyed by all”

8.”Inviting creative talents is the secret of success”

These words are really provoking and i hope that it will inspire you a lot..

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Attitude as a general term can be defined as an individual’s degree of like or dislike towards an item….

According to me Attitude can be explained as “Either walk as if you rule the world or walk as if you don’t mind who the hell rules the world!!! That’s Attitude!!!”

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