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New Revolution–>”X-GANG”

From Back Benchers to Striking Sparks!!!

This “X-Gang” has been formed on Dec12 2004 by The “Backbenchers” of warriors who once rocked the Panimalar Confinement. This gang has been found by me and my friends during our college life…The “X-GANG” members belong to ECE department of our college.

It’s interesting that we named “X-GANG”. Everyone in our college know about our gang and as a symbol of unity, we the X-GANG members, decided to design a logo for our gang and wore the T-shirt with that Logo during our Farewell day in Feb. 2008…

Motto of “OUR X-GANG”:

  • To Eliminate injustice
  • To promote peace
  • To fight against terrorism
  • To promote public welfare
  • To understand life and live it simple

See the X-Gang Pic:

Frnz.. I’m really Happy to share some info about X-GANG with you all!!!
This is “X-GANG” wishing you “ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE” and “MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!” Love you all friends…. Cheers!!!

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